It has been a long time coming. The new album is here.

‘I Can See the Church Burning Through the Binoculars’ will release on October 09 via Future Archive Recordings. This album came together during a time in my life when I was processing internally about my childhood, the relationships in my life, my experience as a queer person, gender fluid person, and really being honest about the dynamics present around me. A lot of fear, pain, repression, alienation, and self-censoring came up for me, and you can hear it in the music. The result is a pretty dark exploration, I hope it can feel cathartic for listeners in a similar way it was for me to work on the compositions.

Thematically, the music is heavy and dark, fusing industrial, dark synth, and indie electronic. I stepped up to the mic and applied quite a bit of vocals for the first time. Another process that was cathartic and added to the process feeling like I was shedding prior repression and self censoring. The album is really about feelings. It’s raw. It embodies how I feel as an outsider, a misfit, a foreigner, an immigrant, a queer person, someone raised within really abusive catholic dynamics, a person who struggles with mental health, depression, and being suicidal. And it is an expression of what we deserve and what we desire; autonomy, freedom, support, love.

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