The Forest Follows the Darkness

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‘The Forest Follows the Darkness’ is starkly introspective, hypnotic, and eerily familiar. The song has a journey like aesthetic fitting for the intro sequence to a dark film. With this release, I explore a cinematic palette, combining organic strings & instrumentation with layers of synthesizers and digital production.

‘The Forest Follows The Darkness’ came out of a writing session originally inspired by several Netflix shows I was watching and their soundtrack counterparts. I often pull from moments that impact me emotionally, and for me that perfect moment where a show or film combines with music to vastly enhance the moment is really impactful. I love the feeling of epic, deep, emotional moments and I set out to capture something that fused a soundtrack feel with a contemporary classical approach, while still having a dark synth element to it. ‘The Forest Follows The Darkness’ is what emerged.