Founded in the rainy pacific northwest, and currently based in Guanajuato Mexico, CNJR is a nomadic project drawing from a wide range of music influences, life experiences, and living under the ever crumbling political reality of global capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and imperialism.

Fusing retro synthesizers, dark cinematic science fiction themes, post-rock, electronic music, IDM, synthwave, darkwave, indie electronic, witch house, and various other influences, CNJR covers a vast emotional spectrum with music that is meant to inspire a journey.

‘Hive Mind’, the debut EP, was released on October 19 2018, and was preceded by a single titled Ansible, which will also included two remix versions from Sun Glitters and Yppah. Psychadelic, dark, ominous, but with a touch of hope and the complexity of survival, ‘Hive Mind’ strings listeners along through a nuanced range of emotional palettes.

‘WSTLND’ the debut full length LP, was released on June 07 2019. ‘WSTLND’ Explores the struggle to survive the human experience, the complexities of mental health and depression, and the alienation of being queer. WSTLND is a heavily emotive experience. CNJR combines complex electronic sounds, retro synthesizers, recorded instrumentation, and occasional vocals to uniquely create a dark electro/analog tapestry that draws listeners into an introspective experience.

Following several remixes and stand alone singles, CNJR finished recording ‘I Can See the Church Burning Through the Binoculars’ in early 2020, which releases on Future Archive Recordings on October 09.

‘I Can See the Church Burning Through the Binoculars’ expands on CNJR’s prior sound, but adds a lot of organic instrumentation, guitars, and vocals. Inching away from an electronic palette, the record bridges CNJR into an indie electronic, alternative, and industrial space. Focused on repression, the album is dark, cathartic, and emotive.